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ALL THAT IS EYELASH EXTENSION!! The retail and wholesale of eyelash extension products.

LASH & LASHES stays at the leading edge of eyelash extensions!

We are proud that our product’s widening variety and consistent quality made Lash & Lashes to become one of Hungary’s favorite eyelash extension brands since 2010.Our goal is to provide for our customers the best quality and the largest choice on the market.

You can buy the LASH & LASHES eyelash extension products personally in our store or you can order them through our webshop.

The guarantee for our product’s quality, it’s prices and assortment is our manufacturing partner from South Korea, which is one of the world’s largest eyelash extension products manufacturer.

Our colleagues are constantly following the latest trends, developments and innovation in the field of eyelash extension, in order to make it possible for our lash stylists and costumers to find always all the products that they need to be able to offer their clients maximum satisfaction, wonderful LASH & LASHES eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashes

With eyelash extensions, eyelash lines become thicker, fuller and longer and this is what most women dream about. This is the most perfect way to realize a magical and seductive look at the same time, without any effort. The use of the LASH & LASHES eyelash extension products is the most hygienic and safest of the other products that you can find on the market. The LASH & LASHES eyelashes last for up to 6 weeks, they do not overload the eyes, are waterproof, resist perspiration, sport activities, tears, swimming and they last up even while sleeping, without causing any unnatural, uncomfortable feeling for the wearer.  That’s why you can surely recommend for your costumers the experience of the eyelash extensions!


Increase the profit of your business!

With the offering of the professional eyelash extension services you can easily increase your income, because after applying the eyelashes, eyelash extensions need regular maintenance (charging), so this way you can create a permanent and safe customer base. In order to provide support to our business partners, LASH & LASHES offers the possibility of professional training so that you can provide the best services to your clients. If you use the LASH & LASHES products, the adhesives and accessories of this brand designed for eyelash extensions, your customer’s recognition will be guaranteed. Your customers deserve the best and thanks to the long, but natural looking eyelashes they will be satisfied, they will feel natural and beautiful at the same time.


Eyelash extension – Trainings


The indispensable condition of your success lies in participating in specialized training. It is impossible to offer the safest, most effective and profitable services without offering the best quality. Take part in our professional – group or individual- training, where by starting from the level of a beginner and by learning the technique of applying the extensions by doubling, you can acquire, thank to professional eyelash stylists, the newest type of volume technique!